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2014 Beginner Classes with El Camino Reelers

Everyone is welcome regardless of gender preference or identity.

7:30-9:30pm at St.Andrews UMC.

ECR's Beginner Class is now underway

Our teaching order takes you through the first two levels of square dancing: Mainstream and Plus.

This year we are experimenting with a new teaching order called the General Dance Program (GDP) aimed at getting beginners up and dancing more quickly. Same end result, just a slightly different emphasis.

By Christmas you'll be able to attend dances for beginners around the Bay Area. By the end of February you'll be able to square dance at the Mainstream level, not just with El Camino Reelers, but practically anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. By the end of June you'll be dancing at the Plus level - more calls, more action, more fun!

Lessons are really like a dance party. You'll be having fun the whole evening with a bunch of new lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning, and even a few straight friends. Learning is the fun of square dancing!

Calls taught to date

The link above takes you to a list of calls that have been covered in class. Very handy if you missed a week or want to review what was covered. Each call links to a definition with animations to show you what's happening.

Database and content links provided by our friend Joe Dehn of SCVSDA and maintained by our class coordinator Ken Seibert.

To sign up for classes

Class tuition for new dancers is $135. This covers first year membership, free admission to club nights and dances (until class completion) and a club badge presented at graduation.

Current members wishing to re-take the beginner class may do so for $75. Re-taking the class (instead of just coming to class nights as an “angel”) covers your membership fee and guarantees that you will always have a place to dance, and will receive special attention from the instructor.

To register, download the

ECR Registration form

Print out the form, fill in the required information and as much of the optional (fun) information as you like, and indicate your privacy preferences. Then send in your membership fee using one of the payment options below.

1. Pay by check

Mail the registration form with your payment (check only, please) to

El Camino Reelers
P.O. Box 391373
Mountain View, CA 94039-1373

or give them to any Board member.

2. Pay with PayPal

You can now pay with PayPal! To pay class tuition, choose an option below and click the "Pay Now" button.

Class tuition (incl. membership fee)

If you're not a current ECR member, make sure to give your registration form to an ECR Board member.

3. Pay in cash

You may also pay in cash. Give your completed form and payment to any ECR Board member at club night.

Once we have your contact information and payment, you will be automatically enrolled in the club online mailing list, ECRtalk, and we will request a badge for you.

Jan and Oliver flying blindfolded into a flawless Touch a Quarter

2014 PLUS Class Graduation

On Wednesday June 11 2014, El Camino Reelers welcomed our two new Plus Class grads into the club with cake, speeches, diplomas, the traditional blindfolded dance, and more cake.

We gave a great big thank-you to class instructor Rich Reel for another year of inspired teaching and calling.

Photo by Lynn Ashmall
Graduates Ken and Rene and proud instructor Rich smile for the camera