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Plus & Advanced Dancing at ECR

ECR will not be holding an Advanced class this fall. Instead, we will continue holding Plus and A2 club nights on Tuesdays. Kurt and Dave will hold workshops on the more difficult calls and concepts at the beginning of each evening, alternating between Plus and A2, followed by full-Plus and full-A2 tips with a C1 tip if there is sufficient interest. Tuesday nights will be on a subscription basis or you can pay at the door.

Our Wednesday night Beginner class nights will start off with alternating Plus and A2 as a warm-up for experienced dancers ("angels") who come to help the new students, with an A2 star tip at the end of the evening.

2015-16 Advanced Class: Teaching Order

Click the link above to view and download a printable PDF file of the class syllabus. Links in the file go to definitions on www.ceder.net.

More Advanced Resources

Photo by Bennet Marks
Congratulations to our 2016 Advanced Class Graduates!